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A question that I am often asked by clients is, “when is the best time of year to list our home?”. The answer to this question, and the reasoning just might surprise you. April and May are strong months to put your home on the market in Anchorage. There is typically a lack of inventory throughout the winter here in Anchorage. We therefore encourage sellers to get there home on the market in the early spring, to take advantage of pent up demand left over from the winter months. June and July are ok months to list as well, but tend to see folks out doing more Alaska summer activities like camping and fishing, drawing some of the attention away from real estate. August usually sees an uptick, as buyers realize summer is slipping away, and school is about to start. Then comes Fall, and something weird happens. The busiest months of the year for me is almost always September/October. My only explanation for this, is that people have missed the boat on summer listings, and our impending winter and holiday season causes a rush of transactions.  The winter is a time of year, when I actually love taking listings. This might seem counterintuitive, but as mentioned above, there is a lack of inventory in the winter, but still a strong demand. By listing in the winter, while not the best time of year to be making a move, you might be taking advantage of the supply and demand imbalance. The bottom line is, that there are slightly better times to list, April and May, and other times of year that are just fine, but you might have a little more days on market, and then there are the stealth listing times, in the winter, when you just might be surprised by the market!

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